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Bruce Peil (1946-)

Bruce Peil was born and raised in Oklahoma and now resides in Athens, Texas. He is a Signature member of the Oil Painters of America, Co-Founder and Signature member of the Outdoor Painters Society, and a member of the Oklahoma Society of Impressionists. Some of the publications in which he has been featured are; Southwest Art Magazine, Art Talk, The Artists Magazine, Art of the American West, and Art Journey America Landscapes.

''My paintings include a wide variety of subject matter. Whether it is a majestic mountain scene or the more simple pastoral scenes in the area where we live, it's that fleeting moment in time that I strive most to capture in my paintings. I want the viewer to feel as though they are experiencing that moment in time. My goal is to capture the truth about the subject without over exaggerating the color I see and without too many unimportant details that can only distract the eye from the main idea, which is the feeling of the light. I have been influenced by many great artists both living and dead, but my goal has always been to let my own style evolve naturally and to make my own statement.''